Proper maintenance is required to give your air compressor a long lifespan. One item that needs to be changed every 200 - 500 hours is the air compressor lubricant. When an air compressor is not properly maintained with machine lubricants, it could knock off years of functionality for the air compressor. A-1 Air Compressor carries a line of lubricants that can help make sure your air compressor is functioning properly, year after year.

Here are a few of our top selling air compressor lubricants: SRF™ 1/4000; Offers one year or 4,000 hours of service life. This lubricant's life is four times longer than conventional hydrocarbon fluids. Our Sullube®; this air compressor lubricant has been a mainstay of the Atlas Copso fluid family for over 25 years. Change after 8,000 hours are reached. This air compressor lubricant can be used on compressors found in industries ranging from industrial to automotive. Our Food Grade hours may vary for when machine lubricants need to be changed. Specifically used for the food processing and packaging industry. The 24KT™, in this unit has fluid that protects the compressor so completely that it is warranted for 10 years.

Make sure to purchase air compressor lubricants for your facility to achieve maximum lifetime performance for each air compressor. The length of the lifespan of your air compressor depends on many factors, with proper machine lubricant maintenance being one of them.

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