Thermal Transfer

A leading manufacturer of oil coolers and specialty heat exchangers serving a variety of industrial market segments

Thermal Transfer Air Dryer

As part of the Thermasys family of companies, Thermal Transfer Products has manufactured and sold over 4.2 million heat exchangers in the past 40 years. They are the #1 branded heat exchanger company in North America, a designation that is a testament to their wide selection of all types of heat exchangers. Offerings include copper tube and fin mobile hydraulic oil coolers, brazed aluminum (P-BAR) mobile hydraulic oil coolers, engine cooling (P-BAR, S-BAR and T-BAR), industrial hydraulic oil coolers, process coolers and compressed air after-coolers. These products are an imperative part of Thermal Transfer air dryer solutions to ensure that they work properly and to their fullest capabilities. All Thermal Transfer air dryers products are designed for a number of compressors across a wide array of industries. You can read more at:

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