Hankison Air

Hankison International is dedicated to supplying the best value in compressed air treatment products. We strive to create value by designing and manufacturing products that meet our customers’ expectations for performance, reliability, availability, and price

Hankison Air Dryer

Compressed air is a vital energy source widely used across many industries. The slightest disruption to your air compressor products could be detrimental to your business, and nobody understands this more than Hankison International. Hankison air dryers are advanced machines in a variety of sizes, models and options. Whether you need a Hankison air dryer that is a heatless regenerative desiccant model or simply a single tower desiccant version, they provide all-inclusive products that can meet any business needs, no matter how large or how small. They offer several series within the refrigerated air dryer and desiccant air dryer umbrella.

Hankison Filter

The Hankison filter gives customers the compressed air purity and quality that is required for successful operations. A typical compressed air system is contaminated with many abrasive particles, such as rust, dirt, dust, pipe scale, compressor lubricants, condensed water droplets, acidic condensates and oil or hydrocarbon vapors. If left alone, these contaminants can quickly increase equipment maintenance costs, contribute to poor product finish processes and lead to parts failure. Hankison filters will remove these contaminants while allowing your compressed air system to deliver quality air as required by your application. A good air compressor filter can minimize maintenance and repair costs while helping to ensure consistent output quality in any industrial environment. Call A-1 Air Compressor today to discover the wide selection of Hankison filters or visit them on the web at: www.hankisonintl.com.

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