Great Lakes

Great Lakes Air Products manufacturers a complete line of compressed air treatment equipment, and specializes in a wide variety of compressed air drying equipment, as well as filtration and condensate removal products

Great Lakes Air Dryer

Great Lakes Air provides a complete line of compressed air dryer equipment as well as filtration and condensate removal products. With six series of top-quality refrigerated air dryers and five series of regenerative dryers, including both heatless and heated models, Great Lakes air dryers are American-made products with impressive warranty options. With many different solutions as well as the industry's longest standard product warranties, purchasing a Great Lakes air dryer is a worry-free decision that can help give you a significant return on your air compressor investment. Many accessory products available include condensate drains, after-coolers and water separators for added convenience and utility.

Great Lakes Air Filter

Great Lakes air filters are available in four series for customers to serve a variety of specialized purposes. These include lines such as the CG Series of coalescing filters. A high-performance Great Lakes air filter, these remove contaminants down to .01 micron. The GP Series of particulate filters is an advanced Great Lakes air filter that removes contaminants down to .1 micron, while the GA Series of absorber filters remove trace amounts of hydrocarbon vapors and odors in compressed air streams. Lastly, the GM Series of mist eliminator filters is a long life extended surface area coalescing filter with pressure drops less than .5 PSID. With so many air compressor filter options to service an array of important needs, Great Lakes Air has quickly made a name for themselves as one of the most dependable in the industry. You can read more at:

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