Hankison Air

Compressed air is a vital energy source widely used across many industries. The slightest disruption to your air compressor products could be detrimental to your business, and nobody understands this more than Hankison International. Hankison air dryers are advanced machines in a variety of sizes, models and options. Whether you need a Hankison air dryer that is a heatless regenerative desiccant model or simply a single tower desiccant version, they provide all-inclusive products that can meet any business needs, no matter how large or how small. They offer several series within the refrigerated air dryer and desiccant air dryer umbrella. You can read more about Hankison International at their website located at: www.hankisonintl.com.

Hankison Air Dryers

Founded in 1948, Hankison International has expanded many times as it grew to its current size. At present, they have five state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities on three continents and an advanced research and development framework in which innovative products are conceived, designed, tested and manufactured. With global certifications on all of their Hankison air dryers, they offer multi-faceted expertise in all aspects of compressed air dryer solutions. Call A-1 Air Compressor today to discuss your interest in a Hankison air dryer and we can discuss your needs, budget and requirements right away to find the product that is perfect for you.

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