To meet the ever-changing and unique needs of your business, A-1 Air Compressor Corp. employs highly trained engineers that are experts in the industry. Get the precision product you want by working with our team to engineer your own custom air compressor system. Whether you need a duplex compressor with integral dryer filters or an air compressor that is explosion-proof for highly flammable materials, choose the experts at A-1 for your custom-built, high-quality product.

When you contact us, you’ll receive a compressor engineering evaluation over the course of 5 days that offers valuable data assessments of your current systems so we can properly diagnose ways in which to increase efficiency. There are plenty of benefits to building your own air compressor to suit your precise needs, you can select from our wide range of options and packages so you have everything you need in one powerful piece of equipment.

You’ll receive CAD drawings from our certified team of engineers for the proposed layout, design, and installation of your new equipment. If using the one-size-fits-all approach is not working for you, consider the compressor engineering services of A-1 Air Compressor to meet your exact requirements. Call us today or submit an online form to get your evaluation.