Just like any other audit, an audit of your compressed air system is designed to save you money and increase your productivity. At A1 Air Compressor, we seek to provide you the highest return on investment on your compressed air system – and this includes ensuring your system is running as efficiently as possible.

We use a three step process to determine the efficiency of your system and develop a cost-savings plan for your business.  Each step of the air audit process evaluates your supply and use to determine where the unnecessary costs lie and analyzes how these costs can be reduced – in many cases operational costs can be reduced by up to 50%!

Step One: Line Walk-Through – We utilize our SystemWizard analysis software to quickly evaluate the cost and efficiency of your system and determine the investment paybacks on energy already being saved.

Step Two: System Assessment – Our SysteMate program allows us to create real-time data about the power and pressure inputs as compared to the system outputs.

Step Three: Full-Audit – Using a LogAir Auditing System our professionals will compare the data collected and determine where in your system savings can be recaptured.

Our proven tools allow us to study your system using thorough levels establish by the Compressed Air Challenge/Department of Energy. Working together we can help you to improve your system functionality, increase your productivity and increase your bottom line.