Allow the experts at A1 Air Compressor to handle your air compression needs through the entire life of your system.  Employing only the most knowledgeable professionals and utilizing nothing but the highest quality materials, our Chicago air compressor service is second-to-none. 

Whether it is routine auditing services or a after-hours emergency, our air compression experts are here to serve you.  Our service for air compressors in Chicago includes:

  • Installation Layout, design and installation of brand new equipment is our specialty at A1 Air.  Our professionals know and understand the ins and outs of properly installation your new system.
  • Engineering Our knowledge goes beyond just design and installation.  We can also engineer a system specific to your personal needs.  Whether you are looking to boost efficiency to ramp up your capacity, we will help you create the perfect system for your business.
  • Maintenance No matter whether it is a last-minute emergency or routine maintenance, our experts will keep your equipment safe and ready to use.
  • Air Audit Services In addition to regular maintenance, we can offer you auditing services to determine the efficiency of your equipment.
  • Compressor Rental From basic rental services to rent-to-own, A1 Air Compressor works to offer you the services that best suit your needs.