Hankison International is one of our premier brands for compressed air dryers. Hankison is an SPX brand that is well known for their industrial equipment, specially their superior compressed air dyers. One of the most impressive feats by Hankison International is their quality assurance which is recognized worldwide. A high quality dryer is a vital part of any compressed air system. Keeping moisture out of the system will help provide more consistent air and keep corrosion in the system to an absolute minimum.

Hankison air dryers are often used to remove water vapor from compressed air. These are very common in compressed air systems at commercial and industrial facilities that have air compressor systems. Some common types of dryers are:
  • Refrigerated – This type employs two heat exchangers; one is for air to air and one is for air to refrigeration.
  • Deliquescent – This type typically consist of a pressurized vessel filled with a hygroscopic media that is used to absorb water vapor from the air.
  • Desiccant –  AKA regenerative dyers or a twin tower dryers.  Typically the compressed air is passed through the towers of a media, often a silica gel that absorbs the water vapor.
  • Membrane – This type typically refers to a dehumidification membrane that removed the water vapor from the compressed air in the system.