There are some things you can do to keep your air compressor system functioning at optimal levels and at optimal power consumption. We are your Chicago land air compressor experts we are the high level of technical experience and factory certified technicians on staff that help our air compressor systems run at optimal levels.

  • Leaks
  • Heat
  • Inlet air filters
  • Cooler air
Regular checking for leaks in the system can help keep the system efficient and not wasting any resources and keeping airlines fully charged.  An example of how much a leak could cost you could be in the thousands of dollars per year.  If a system is under 100 PSI and running 40 hours per week with a leak around ¼ inch in diameter you would be losing over 100 cfm of compressed air which could be costing up to 2,800 per year,

Heat is normally seen as most machines worst enemy because heat can increase the rate of mechanical ware and tear in most machines.  The electrical consumption produces a lot of heat as a byproduct.  As much as 85% of the electricity used by an air compressor is converted into to head.  By using this heat by product you can reduce costs of heating using conventional methods of natural gas.  This could reduce overall utilities cost for your business.

Keeping Air Filters new and clean can help prevent pressure drops by keeping the flow of air open and consistent.  These can also help keep the engines from working harder than they need to be allowing the motor to breathe more easily.

Having the air that goes through the air intake that is cooler or not hot air makes the engine perform better.  Cooler air is denser which is a benefit because the compressor uses less energy to produce the desired compression.  A 20* F change in temperature can lower operating costs by almost 3.5%.