To keep up with the high demands of the increasingly popular portable high pressure air compressors.  Being created from the ground up and specifically designed to meet the needs of the high pressure portable air compressors by giving you the truly best lubrication available.

The HPL 1500 is ideal for high pressure rotary screw portable compressors amongst a list of other ideal applications.  Some common applications of this is pile driving, rock drilling, pipeline testing, percussive hammering, and the list goes on.

The multi viscosity solution makes it very universal and giving it the properties to operate in a cold as -20*F and as hot as 125*F.  To add even more value the HPL 1500 also provides excellent wear protection and above average resistance to fluid oxidation as well as degradation due to heat.  Possibly one of the best and most convenient features is the fact that it will outperform and can be used on any high pressure portable air compresses regardless of the manufacture.  This means only having to stock one lubricant for your high pressure portable air compressors.