Over the past 60 years our philosophy has always been to provide our customers the best selection of air compressors and compressed air dryers in Chicagoland. As an official supplier of Sullair products we are proud to highlight the Sullair Air Dryer for you in this blog posting. Many people are unfamiliar with its capabilities and unaware Sullair dryers could benefit their business. Please read the following information regarding refrigerated and desiccant Sullair air dryers:

  • Sullair Refrigerated Air Dryers
Designed for installations where pipeline temperatures should not go below 35°F, refrigerated dryers cool compressed air by mechanical refrigeration. Popular models include Refrigerated Non-cycling, Refrigerated Cycling, and Refrigerated High Temperature dyers.

Sullair Desiccant Air Dryers

Sullair uses high quality desiccant material to absorb water vapor from compressed air. These models are specifically designed for outdoor compressed air piping and operations that require an extremely low dew point to −40°F. Popular models include DMD = Desiccant Modular Dryer, DHL – Desiccant heatless Dryer, DEX – Desiccant Externally Heated Dryer, DBP – Desiccant Blower Purge Dryer.

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