Engineer a Custom Air Compressor System to Your Needs

To meet the ever-changing and unique needs of your business, A-1 Air Compressor Corp. employs highly trained engineers that are experts in the industry. Get the precision product you want by working with our team to engineer your own custom air compressor system. Whether you need a duplex compressor...

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Replace Aging Air Compressors for Efficiency & Performance

You may think that replacing your old air compressors is an expensive project, but using out-of-date technology can actually cost you more money in the long run. The experts at A-1 Air Compressor Corp. are here to convince you that new air compressors can save you time, money and energy. If you’re...

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4 Ways To Make Your Air System More Cost Effective

There are some things you can do to keep your air compressor system functioning at optimal levels and at optimal power consumption. We are your Chicago land air compressor experts we are the high level of technical experience and factory certified technicians on staff that help our air compressor sy...

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How To Choose an Air Compressor

Businesses as well as individuals have been using compressed for to allow them to get more work done quickly and safely.  It can even be seen as a utility to many businesses as many would not be able to operate without it.  A typical air compressor system consists of five major components...

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Chicago Air Compressor and Service

A-1 Air Compressor has been providing air compressors and air compressor services to the greater Chicago area since 1953. Our services are not limited to just the Chicago area. We reach out to Northwest Indiana, Western Illinois, and basically the top half of Illinois. The Chicago air compressor ser...

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Baldor Electric Motors

Baldor makes some of the highest quality air compressor parts in the industry.  They have a reputation for delivering some of the highest quality products at competitive prices.  These products are manufactured for specialized applications.  Specialized models include single phase, general purpose,...

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January Specials

Browse our January specials and see how much you can save with A-1 Air Compressor today.

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