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Known for its large steel mills and as the birthplace of Michael Jackson, Gary, Indiana is an area A-1 Air Compressor Corp. has operated in for decades. During that time, our trained experts have been providing unmatched services and solutions to the many industrial companies throughout the city. Using our professionalism and knowledge, our air compressor company has satisfied Gary customers time and time again.

Gary, Indiana Compressed Air Systems and Service

We ensure they get the most out of their compressed air system by offering them state-of-the-art products and full-scale services. Some of which include:

  • Air Compressor: Let A-1 Air Compressor be your one-stop shop for all compressed air equipment needs and services.
  • Compressed Air Dryers: We offer a variety of air dryers from different reliable manufacturers, so you can be confident that A-1 Air Compressor can manage it all.
  • Air Receivers: We ensure that all components of a compressed air system are readily available to our customers.
  • Vacuum Pumps: These are an essential part of a compressed air system that we can repair or replace.
  • Air Blowers: We feature top-of-the-line products from manufacturers that use only the most advanced technology in their products.
  • Air Compressor Filters: Having the correct filter for your Gary air compressors is of the utmost importance to avoid costly repair and operational issues further down the line. We can help you choose the filters that work best with your system.
  • Air Compressor Parts: We can locate and install the parts that you need for any size or type of compressed air system.
  • Compressor Services: Explore our website to further discover the great supplemental services that we offer to our customers for added convenience.

Serving Northwest IN and Metro Chicago

For the best air compressor services in Gary, contact us today. As a family-owned company, our commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none as we respond to your needs quickly and efficiently. To learn about the personalized services and top-notch products that made us a household name, call A-1 Air Compressor Corp. or fill out our online contact form.

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