A-1 Air Compressor is a "trade ally" in one of ComEd's Smart Ideas business programs. We are involved in the industrial systems program, which has helped us earn utility rebates. Any facility using Compressed Air, Industrial Refrigeration or Process Cooling Systems can inquire about the industrial systems program; however, the company must meet minimum eligibility requirements.

The requirements are as follows: Facility must receive delivery service from ComEd (regardless of energy supplier). The system, including control system, must not be scheduled for significant upgrades in the near future. Applicant must be part of a non-public organization. Applicant must agree to use a pre-approved ComEd Smart Ideas for Your Business Service Provider. Facility owner and engineering staff must commit to being actively involved in the study process. Compressed Air Systems - Have a minimum of 250 HP (combined) of compressors in operation on the facility's primary system. Process Cooling Systems - Have a minimum of 500 tons in operation on the facility's primary system. Industrial Refrigeration Systems - Have a minimum of 500 HP (combined) of compressors in operation on the facility's primary system.

After you meet the requirements and go through an energy audit your company can qualify for the Smart Ideas business program for industrial systems. You will be able to indentify no and low cost opportunities to major capital upgrades for your facility. Another benefit to this program is you may be eligible to receive an incentive payment (utility rebate) based on the kWh you save by implementing the measures identified in the comprehensive study. Here are a few more benefits that compressed air industrial systems will receive: Elimination of air leaks; suboptimal operating pressure and poor controls sequencing, Leaks can waste as much as 20 to 30 percent of compressor output, and Optimization of compressed air systems can provide energy efficiency improvements of 20 to 50 percent.

Receive an energy audit today to see if you quality for utility rebates from ComEd. This could save your company hundreds and even thousands of dollars, not to mention create a more efficient operation.

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