We provide scheduled air compressor maintenance services with a "Preventative Maintenance Agreement". Our professional service department can quickly and easily determine the schedule of service that will be required for your system's circumstances. When service comes due, A-1 Air Compressor will promptly call and arrange to perform the compressor maintenance at an upcoming convenient time. There is no up-front cost or obligation to have these services performed. Some of our customers have an in-house team that performs all maintenance and air compressor repairs on-site, in which case the agreement can be used as a reminder to order needed parts and have your team perform the required work. Our team can also provide a proposal outlining the expected charges to be incurred, the cost for the recommended parts and anticipated labor, so our customers are never blind-sided.

Compressor Maintenance

Major overhauls and in-shop air compressor repairs are performed at A-1 Air Compressor's Addison, IL facility. Our experienced staff can breathe new life into your compressor, vacuum pump or air dryer in a timely manner with the same great attention to detail that our customers have learned to expect from us. To supplement your air compressor maintenance, we offer pick-up, delivery and rental services as well as removal and replacement of the item to be repaired so your company isn't bereft of resources. Additionally, we provide service for refrigerant air dryers with certified technicians on staff that specialize in air dryers and air compressors so we can always provide a complete system check if air quality issues arise. A-1 Air Compressor also provides thorough end user training for compressor maintenance of rotary screw systems.

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