Let our turnkey air compressor installation services simplify your business. Complete compressor installation services are our specialty and we look forward to drawing on our decades of experience to provide an all-inclusive compressor installation for your company. A-1 Air Compressor provides the layout, design and installation of equipment and distribution piping, including cooling considerations for larger systems. Air-cooled systems can easily be ducted and specially designed for recovery of otherwise wasted heat. Water-cooled and "closed loop" cooling units are also designed and installed by our team of professionals. A-1 Air Compressor firmly believes that designers and installers without compressed air systems experience can unknowingly build in additional problems that can otherwise be avoided with specific knowledge and skills. That is why we only employ trained, certified and qualified professionals and why our customers confidently return to us for all of their ongoing compressor services.

Compressor Installation

A-1 Air Compressor offers invaluable air compressor installation services, including such specialty needs as air dryers and filters, condensate drains, condensate oil/water separators, overhead condensate removal lines, cooling system piping, process vacuum piping, heat recovery systems, multiple compressor sequencing and air storage and regulation. Our compressor services are customized around your company's unique needs, and we feature after-hours emergency service anytime you need it. In addition to all systems installation, our trained team will coordinate all work with your electrician or arrange for one when necessary for added convenience and efficiency. Call A-1 Air Compressor today for all of your compressor installation needs.

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