A-1 Air Compressor completes compressor engineering, from design stages to implementation, to fit a wide variety of special needs. We have experience in building customized packages, including duplex or triplex compressors, integral dryer filters systems, weatherproof systems, explosion proof systems, breathing air systems and OEM packaging. Other air compressor engineering services that we perform include energy use evaluations of present systems to determine capacity characteristics. We sample and record 5 days of your system's operational activity so we can properly make informed assessments regarding the boost of its efficiency. This is helpful for our customers, even if their system operates without any problems, because they then have accurate data on how much air is used and at what times.

Air Compressor Engineering

Our compressor engineering evaluations include assessments of your air distribution piping, air storage capacity, proper compressor sizing, multiple compressor control, ultrasonic leak detection and CAD installation drawings by our professional engineering team and crew. If you're ready to build your custom air compressor system, entrust your needs to our certified team for all layout, design and installation of equipment. Our air compressor engineering services allow A-1 Air Compressor to go the extra mile for our customers by ensuring that their exact requirements are adhered to while we discover important money-saving measures. Call any of our three offices today with any questions or to schedule a preliminary appointment right away!

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